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The CIRES Range

Negative Pressure

Full face masks complying with EN 136, for use with dust, gas and combined filters with threaded fitting EN 148/1 (DIRIN series).

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Full face mask complying with the requirements of UNI EN 136 (CL3) and developed by the CBRN school and by the special departments of the Italian army.

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Escape Devices

Prompt use of protective devices is crucial in preventing serious harm from toxic substances and ensuring breathable air for individuals in contaminated environments.

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Fresh Air & Airline

Our Airline system provides respiratory protection in confined spaces and low oxygen environments, with customizable options for dual operators.

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EN 137 compliant SCBA range includes Type 1 Advanced and Industrial models, available in Type 2 version passing flash-over test.

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PAPR (Powered Respirators)

Portable, lightweight, and providing high-level respiratory protection with positive air pressure for various hazardous environments.

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