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CBRN Filtered Masks

For Use With Filter

Our CBRN full face masks can be used with Dirin 500 AB2P3 NBC, a combined filter equipped with container made of light alloy STANAG threaded connection. It is derived from NBC military filters used in NATO countries, i.e. shape and size are similar to the M58 filter used by the Italian Armed forces for NBC applications and the charcoal used is the same which is specifically homologated for this purpose by the Italian Army. Dirin 500 AB2P3 NBC has been tested according to EN 14387.


In addition, it has been tested according to the German Norm TL 4240-0017 – Schraubfilter, nicht magnetisierbar fur ABC-Schutzmaske concerning gas capacity and particle penetration efficiency. Gas capacity tests have been performed by The Armed Forces Scientific Institute for Protection Technologies – NBC - Protection of Munster, while particle penetration efficiency has been tested at Berufsgenossenschaftliches Institut für Arbeitsschutz - BIA (im HVBG).

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