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Delta Filtered Mask

The full face mask complies with UNI EN 136 (CL3) and is compatible with STANAG threaded filters. It offers excellent protection against a wide range of toxic industrial chemicals and provides CBRN protection when used with specific combined filters.




• Wide field of vision
• Optical class 1
• High ballistic resistance
• Anti-scratch treatment and resistance to chemical agents
• Reduced distance from the eyes to make it perfectly integrable with optical instruments, corrective lenses, aiming systems, individual and department armament.

• Side inhalation and exhalation connector with reduced dimensions to optimize the cheek weld
• Patented system for reversing the side vents to fit left and right handed shooters
• Air intake connector with safety system preventing air from entering while replacing the filter
• Reduced respiratory resistance
• Excellent demisting properties.

Inhalation and  Exhalation System

Comfort and Easy Donning

• 6-point harness, available either in rubber or 3D fabric
• Comfortable fit for all facial shapes and sizes
• Compatibility with all helmet types
• Outer surface avoiding stagnation of chemical agents and making decontamination easier
• Quick and easy donning.

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