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CleanSpace Ultra Powered Respirator & Charger - IP66
  • CleanSpace Ultra Powered Respirator & Charger - IP66

    SKU: PAF-0070

    Redefining capabilities. The full face PAPR solution.


    Empowering your employees to excel at work; all day, every day. The ULTRA system is specially equipped for more aggressive hazards, with complete safety and adaptability. Raising the benchmark.

    • Increased Productivity

      Advanced technology makes the CleanSpace ULTRA powered respirator safe, simple and remarkably easy to wear. Whether operators require protection for minutes or hours, against dust, mist or fume hazards, the compact and intuitive design enables fast donning and doffing in any situation. Uniquely balanced and lightweight design fits neatly around the neck, allowing operators to perform every task with unrestricted ability. Efficiency redefined.

      • One-button operation and auto standby mode
      • No maintenance or statutory servicing
      • 8 hour run time fully charged
      • Less than 2 hours full recharge
    • Maximum Versatility

      The CleanSpace ULTRA powered respirator is one of the lightest and most adaptable PAPR systems for industry. Unique design technology integrates with other items of PPE, allowing operators to combine with eyewear, head or hearing protection of their choice. Specially selected high quality materials equip the operator for the toughest tasks, while the clear face pieces maintain communication levels. Ultimate mobility.

      • No hoses, belts or waist mounted items
      • Particulate and combined gas filters P3 to ABEKP3
      • Full face mask capability
      • Decontamination safe IP66
    • Enhanced Performance

      Our CleanSpace ULTRA powered respirator delivers fresh, cool and filtered air straight to the operator. Advanced AirSensit™ technology constantly monitors and matches airflow to the wearer's demands, whatever the levels of exertion. This breath responsive comfort will assist the performance of personnel for an entire shift. Energised wellbeing.

      • lightweight 520g
      • 220 l/min peak airflow capacity
      • soft silicone masks, S/M/L optimum fit
      • suspension harness system
    • Assured Safety

      Stringent quality control for every component ensures the Cleanspace ULTRA powered respirator meets the highest standards of safety and reliability, providing fully tested and certified protection. Positive pressure face pieces ensure air purity is always maintained, using high efficiency and high capacity filters. Visual and audible alarms alert the operator of any critical system information ahead of required action, enabling tasks to be safely completed before exit is necessary. Intelligent protection.

      • altitude compensated filter blocked alert
      • battery charge level alert
      • minimum design flow 120L/min
      • portacount fit testing capability
    • Approvals

      • CE / EN 12942: 1998+A2: 2008 TM3 (Europe)  IP Rating 66
      • SANS 10338: 2009 (NRCS/8072/0090) (South Africa)
      • AS / NZ S1716: 2012 PAPR-P2 (Australia/NZ)   ISO 9001 (Quality Management System)
      • NIOSH Approved TC-21C-0957 HEPA Protection (USA)
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