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Navy Mask EEBD

Navy Mask EEBD is an insulating escape device equipped with a full face mask and a demand valve and is certified for 15 minutes duration.

The pressure reduction is fulfilled in the pneumatic circuit thanks to the presence of two elements called first stage, or pressure reducer, and second stage or demand valve.

In NM the first stage is integrated in the cylinder valve so that the first stage and the valve are one object only. This solution provides a lot of benefits as to simplicity and lightness. NM can be used as an escape device or as Airline back-up device through the SWOV automatic switch over valve. Complying with EN 402 and ISO 23269-1. Compliant to MED Directive.

  • Models available: 15 minutes duration, with 3 L, 200 bar steel cylinder or 2 L 300 bar composite cylinder.

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