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Diablo PIZ

Compressed air self-contained breathing apparatus for emergency situations, with back-pack.

Main components:

• Harness made of synthetic, self-extinguishing, fibre with comfortable buckles.
• Balanced type pressure reducer C2000/2, made of chrome plated brass, including a safety valve, a warning device and a filter stopping particulate impurities.
• Photoluminescent pressure gauge covered by a rubber protective cap, connected to the pressure reducer.
• The demand valve is of the self-switching to positive pressure type. It keeps itself in a stand-by position until the moment of first breath and then it switches automatically to positive pressure at the first breathing act.
• Wide vision C607 SP/A, SFERA SP/A or IDEA SP/A full face mask, designed to operate in positive pressure and equipped with a speech diaphragm.
• The frame is light-weight and resistant, made of synthetic resin designed to fit the shape of the body and to evenly distribute the weight of the apparatus on the wearer’s back.

Diablo Piz is suitable for use in explosive environment.

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