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ALT Range

  • Anatomic Back-Pack made of self-extinguishing synthetic resin.

  • Body harness made of a self-extinguishing composite textile.

  • Compensated pressure reducer C2000®, which allows a free flow of more than 1000 l /min.

  • Chest block, compact and light, connected to a flexible hose, including pressure gauge and warning whistle.

  • Pressure gauge extremely user-friendly, thin and light.

  • Two hoses only, for medium and high pressure, easy to maintain and replace.

  • Single-stage type warning acoustic whistle, fitted with a self-test device.

  • The Demand valve is of the self-positive type, i.e. it is in a standby mode and switches automatically to positive pressure at the first breath without any waste of air. Available with both threaded connector M45x3 or plug-in.

  • Positive Pressure full face mask C607 SP/A, SFERA SP/A and IDEA SP/A, made of either EPDM or Silicone rubber.

  • Moreover, ALT is available in three additional configurations which allow the connection to a second operator (OUT), a second source (IN) or to both (IN&OUT).

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