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Car Diablo 8000/2

Two-cylinder trolley, compact, consisting of one metal framed trolley, complete with a second inlet, handles and a carrying case containing a full face mask (C607 SP/A or SFERA SP/A), a demand valve AP/A-L (automatic) and a belt with buckles; a revolving spool with 50 m hose NL 8 X 17 (resistant to oils and solvents) with swivelling pneumatic connection and quick couplings; one pressure reducer DIABLO C2000, complete with pressure gauge, warning device, connectors to cylinders by means of steel coil wrapped hose; two-outlet manifold according to EN 144-2 for independent cylinder refill on the trolley; a quick release coupling for connection to the revolving spool.

Fitted with 2 cylinders 18 L 220 bar or 2 steel cylinders 6 L 300 bar or 2 composite cylinders 6,8 L/9 L 300 bar.


Cylinders, as well as the pneumatic circuit necessary for the reduction of the high pressure, are mounted on a trolley equipped with rubber wheels. This equipment assures the highest protection level of the respiratory tracts, thanks to the positive pressure. Besides, the swivel connector on the air supply prevents interruption during winding and unwinding of the hose on the reel.

  • Complying with EN 14593-1.

Car Diablo 80002_edited.png


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