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Diablo PI

Compressed air self-contained breathing apparatus for emergency situations, with carrying bag.

Main components:
• Harness made of synthetic, self- extinguishing, fibre with comfortable buckles.
• Balanced type pressure reducer C2000/2, made of chrome plated brass, including a safety valve, a warning device and a filter stopping particulate impurities.
• Photoluminescent pressure gauge covered by a rubber protective cap, connected to the pressure reducer.
• The demand valve is of the self-switching to positive pressure type. It keeps itself in a stand-by position until the first breath and then it switches automatically to positive pressure at the first breathing act.
• Wide vision C607 SP/A, SFERA SP/A or IDEA SP/A full face mask, designed to operate in positive pressure and equipped with a speech diaphragm.
• The cylinder and the mask, when not in use, are stored in a flame retardant, red coated fabric bag which has a light reflecting band for easy identification.

DIABLO PI is also available in an additional configuration to allow the connection to an external air supply (configuration IN) by means of a “T” connection hose.
• In DIABLO PI the outlet for the connection to the external air supply is on the front of the harness strap.
• The MP connection hose is equipped with a back vent as to prevent the activation of the audible warning device by the air being discharged from the valve.

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